About Us



Pedro was born and raised in a small town Mazatlan, Guerrero about an hour and a half away from the city of Acapulco. As a kid Pedro loved visiting the shores of Acapulco where he would fish, swim, and visit family. When Pedro was 25 years old he moved to St. George, UT and immediately fell in love with the demographics and desert landscape. He soon decided to start a family here and in 1998 started his career working for one of the biggest pool companies in Southern Utah at the time.

Pedro has been married to his wife Beronica for 30 years and together have three sons whom have all had their hand in the family business. To instill hard work, dedication, & creativity within his children, Pedro would take them each summer to work with him doing odds and ends such as picking up trash or moving dirt around.

Pedro had always had a dream to own his own business and in 2015 started the great adventure that is Acapulco Pools & Spas!

Due to the increasing demand of construction in the company, Pedro's son Cesar came on full time in 2016. Cesar has quickly become Pedro's right hand man. 

"As father and son, we are thrilled to see what the future holds for Acapulco Pools and excited to attribute to the growth of beautiful Southern Utah!"



Every phase of the pool process is done in house. What that means is we don't sub-contract our work out; we are at the construction site overseeing and working with you every step of the way. 



No one pool is the same. We tailor the design and building process to your wants and needs. We ensure you are 100% satisfied throughout every step and go above and beyond the highest standard to make this an easy and joyous experience.